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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Reading Response 1

Reading the reality of Graphic Design. It only made it more clear and in depth to the different aspects to look at design work. In Type and Image  it said Graphic Design is not just to about making something pretty was very interesting. I also found it to be truthful in the Graphic Design Sources that Graphic Designer's are problem solvers, and we seek a visual language to help people. It was also enlightening to read about how the impact of Graphic Design has on people everyday. Although the articles were an intriguing critical depth explanation of what graphic design is, but I found no actual new information.  However, for people who are unaware in just what the impact that Designer's are doing, it would be a great article for them to read.  In the end I did however enjoy reading more of well balanced explanation to what Graphic Designer's do. 

Why Graphic Design?

My name is Janna Johnsrud, and I am currently a student at the Kansas City Art Institute. It was a long process to find my way into Graphic Design. Growing up I found myself to be average when it came to school. That is until my junior year of high school I took my first photography class, and marketing. Taking both of these classes made school more appealing to me. After lectures I would ask my teacher about advertising and how to mix both art and advertising into a carrer. She then gave me books to look at Graphic Design. Almost automatically I fell in love with the degree/ carrer. Over night I felt myself looking at the world in a different point of view. Looking at certain signs, websites, and logos, even my sister anatomy books I realized to myself how much of a growing impact this carrer has on everyday people. I felt that Graphic Design guides people in more ways than they realize, and that was what also made me realize that this was the degree for me.