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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Monday, October 26, 2009

find and share

I've always really liked this documentary about Marc Jacobs. Since we have been entering color I thought I would share my favorite part, because I believe it deal with different hues, and values of those hues. Its a small part around 5:20 discussing the dots and the way they best made sense compositionally. However, I do suggest watching the whole documentary for inspiration, his thought process and ways of executing ideas is quite fascinating, even though it deals with non- graphic design

Krrrrrrpyton- Update

This week in typography we made more iterations of the element logo. The most popular ones was the kr with the r growing out of the arm of the "K". I wanted to try different type faces for the k and the r as well. I wish I could get more contrast between the K and R so the viewer is able to make the connection right away. We also have started into leading, word spacing and alignment.

Sunday, October 25, 2009


Twilight whippoor will
whistle on sweet deepener
of dark loneliness
1.) black, stars, stormy, bird, flying, nocturnal, night, sky, universe, wide,
2.) rhythm, moving, continuing, simple, sugar, long, path, song, beat, simple,bliss
3.) black, soundless, alone, single, isolated, agony, obscure, solitary, awareness, seclusion, dim, dusky

3 visual words
1.) stars, birds, stormy
2.) rhythm, bliss, continuing
3.) isolate, dim,

Color and Drawing Update

The past week we have covered a lot in color and drawing. We finalized and made our books from our 12 in letters. We also started into color. Putting all of the colors together for the color wheel made me wonder what my color book should be about. I am still brain storming on some ideas for the color booklet, but I still would like to photograph food.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Final Statement

This is my juxtaposition book. We started with simple line drawings in illustrator and turned them into connections around a certain environment. I decided to take my photographs down town Kansas City. I believed Kansas City to have many different urban sites. It was important to show the diversity that happens in the down town area, the big brick buildings, modern sculpture, signs and more. While composing the photographs it was important to be thinking about the lines study we have made previous. The goal was to make connections between the line studies and the urban environment. After a couple different shoots, I began to see exactly what those connections were. For me, it was important to go out during sunset, because I would receive more dramatic shadows for my diagonals, or curved line studies. Once the photographs were taken it was time for the revising. Every photo littlest detail needed to be an element in the line study. Making those comparison's helped my eyes to adjust to really looking at things both as a whole and in small detailed pieces. Being able to vector it was helpful to make the lines match up, because of revising. (but that process is in another blog) By the end of revising, cropping, vectoring I had 12 pairings, with also variations between a couple of them. Another important tool I learned through this book was the value of variations. Not just taking the first composition that comes to mind. When looking at some of the elements of the line studies and the key points in the photos, if it was a good match most likely it could be a juxtaposition in more than one way. Once all was finalized it was time to narrow down. I then looked at the book as a whole, not the individual compositions. I wanted the pages to be linked together, almost like a harmonious path. Walking through the down town area there is diversity in the environment but it does flow, the architecture, signs, molding on buildings seem to fit together and I wanted to carry that into my book. I wanted the pages to seem like they are linked together but one composition moving into the next, while keeping an even balance in the compositions. For example I tried to put pairings of right page photo left page line studies at different points. To have the pages seem like the viewer isn't confused by why the page and pairings are in that order. Through the whole process I think I gained more organized thoughts through this project.

process for project II

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Color Booklet

1.) My first idea will deal with colorful plants and flowers. I will photograph the fall colors in trees, leaves, as they turn browner. This book will have the wonderful saturated colors of the fall. I will try and take photographs at different times during the day to get the right type of color's.

2.) My second idea will deal with people's fashion items. I will photograph the colors and patterns people mix together in todays fashion, and how they identify themselves with their unique style.

3.) For my third idea I will be taking photographs of different foods. Going to different restaurants and ordering different types of food to get how the color of food is appetizing and what color combinations people put together

Monday, October 19, 2009


Krypton- oh snap!
Taking Kr and making it beyond the two letters but into one symbol without looking awkward. Facts about Krypton- Krypton being a noble gas which is used in photography, usually in the flashes or long exposure.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Color Drawing& Form---UpDate

This week in Color Drawing and Form we photographed the 12 inch letter's. During the photographs we had to try and portray words, for example, contrast, reversible, focal point, neutrality, and balance. This was a harder task that I thought it would be. To take one object and identify it within many different words is a challenge. After some unsuccessful shots it occurred to be that to get the correct word things like lighting, angle, and framing would have to be exaggerated to show the word. For example to show unstable, the lighting would have to be off as well as framing the angle. These details become crucial into giving an understanding composition to the viewer.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Project 2: F&S
I really enjoyed this spread. It shows how the even the seam of the line is important, the white seam separating the black pant from the grey boot. This also shows the importance of forms coming together to show a unique forms building up (aka the squint test). This also shows the viewer motion within the frame, and how different line patterns determine how one will read the composition (in this spread diagonal from the mans shifted position to the boots diagonal position).

Graphic design & reading: explorations of an uneasy relationship

By Gunnar Swanson

I found this in a google search and I thought I would share.(It is suppose to be a side, find and share)

Vis Com Paragraph and Titles

Broadway to Main
Downtown Main
14th-7 Broadway
Collection of Kansas City
Walkway down Broadway
Heart Kansas City
City Market
1.) Downtown Kansas City has some of the most interesting architecture. It was important to show the newer part of Kansas City verses the older part. Walking from Main Street in the Power and Light district to 7th and Broadway in the City Market. The architecture has many forms of modern verses more classic styles, this helps to show the emphasis of lines.

2.) Looking around the down town area it is a field of mixed urban cultures. One side on Broadway a smell of rich coffee fills the streets. A few blocks down hides the quaint Quality Hill that shows brick buildings of more quiet urban. Further streets down to the left has Power and Light who are reaving up for the night. This is the perfect environment to mix different aspects of urban life.
3.) Downtown Kansas City has many different aspects that people over look. Kansas City has many different mini urban environments that people tend to look past. For example the River Market has an open welcoming community. On broadway they have upscale restaurants, and bars that have the more relaxed, yet entertaining field. Down further blocks is Quality Hill that reminds us of Notting Hill because of its quaint surroundings and quietness minus being in the city. Moving west there is the mid-town down town area, which one is surrounded by a mixed architecture that helps to entertain one's eye with wide windows, arches, prestige columns, and over powering scale in size compared to the buildings. Moving even further west one finds themselves in the most "modern/newest" addition to the downtown attraction, Power and Light. This being a mix of the new crowd of young adults, plus a vibrate upbeat part.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Cropped Compositions

I wanted to show the best angles to show the q's in their typeface. It was also important to show the importance of framing. The shapes between the positive and negative space becomes very important in this.

queen animation

Queen Animation from Janna Johnsrud on Vimeo.

This is my queen animation. The typefaces are Futura transferring into Grotesk(bold). I thought that to emphasize the transformation I would have two different ideas of "queen" portraying each typeface. The first is the traditional thought of queen, being queen Elizabeth. The second "idea" of queen is the band, but also a social "stereotype" of queen. I wanted both parties to have music and surrounds that shows the idea of both of them. This is suppose to tell the two types of queen in both clear and cliche frame of mind.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Form in A's

For the 12inch A, I decided to make three A's coming together. The process was heavy into craft. I had to cut out a couple different A's to make sure that they were perfect, since the design is so clean cut. I did get used to making angle cuts out of foam cord. I wanted to make the shape look exactly the same from all angles. This helps to show the A in a 3-d form while showing the symmetry aspect of a capital A. My favorite part is seeing the inside of the A because it does look symmetrical from a unique angle and is still able to be understood clearly as an A.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Reading about layouts and the connections between each page was crucial to a designer. It was easy to see the correlation between the images of the Tiffanies layouts and the newspaper. Different shapes or lining of the composition mimics the other side of the layout. I thought the concept to Child's Play was interesting. Mainly because they were silhouettes taking out from the photograph, but the content of the image was still understood. This is important to be thinking about in general because as a designer it will be crucial in all aspects of designing.

Line into juxtaposition

Balance, line study
Random, Curved, Photocopy
Progression, Projection, Diagonal
Random, Line Combination
Projection, Balance
I still have a lot of work to do. I plan to revise some of the combinations so there can be a smoother transition from the photo to the line study. Overall I believe their are connections between the images and the photos. The next step is to make them as polished and great as possible so I may start to edit down which studies would show the best juxtaposition, interesting combination, and an insight to downtown Kansas City.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

tYpE- UpDaTe

The winner! Queen(Freddie Mercury) and Queen Elizabeth
Quartz and Quart
Quintuplets and Quilts
Quarreling Quails
Bounce that

This week in typography we started to put our letter's into story board sequences. I choose q- in bold Gothica, and Futura. The assignment to rotate, scale, or mold from one typeface to another was a little challenging to do within 8 frames, however that doesn't mean it isn't "do- able". It was a new experience to visualize how exactly they would all look, one has to look how the "q" looks in every frame, and the relationship to the next one very critically. To also make sure that every change in the frame is equal to the next. I have to say, picking Q wasn't the best letter to choose for a deep meaning story line. My story line is going to be images of Queen Elizabeth, and Queen- with Freddie Mercury. The most exciting part however is learning the new program flash. I am really looking forward to putting the final images into flash and play around to see which animation looks the best.

Project 2: Reading Response

The reading about planes, lines, space and volume was very interesting. It discusses the importance of line within planes. This reading went well into what we are studying now with the importance of line. While taking the urban photographs it is important to think about the plane and how some lines can be projected. Also we are studying the importance of space and volume. "Camera lenses replicate the effects of linear perspective, recording the position of the camera's eye." This quote I especially like from the reading because we are dealing with photography and how to angle and frame familiar compositions that we created in illustrator. When reading about Rhythm and the pattern changes in time it gave me a new perspective that I hadn't quite thought much about. This is something I hope to gain and think about more in the next steps of our line project.

Color Drawing& Form---UpDated

Quick snap of the A in progress

This week in CD&F we got to build the 6 inch letters. My letter was "A" done in Futura typeface. I was very happy on the way it turned out in the end. I built it out of foam cord which wasn't as bad as I thought it was. Probably the biggest trick into being successful with foam cord would be to have many exacto knifes. I am excited to go into the next process of this project which is building a 12 inch A. I plan to also make this A out of foam cord as well and hope to improve on making the measurement's more exact. I am also looking forward to getting into color this week, it should be very fun.