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Thursday, July 1, 2010


With taking a picture of one of their trucks, I decided to make some sketches of different ways to do the new logo. I wanted to think back to when we started the icons, taking several pictures and roughly sketching out the object. The options they liked the most out of the sketches were the more detailed and representative of the Kenworth truck since that is the type of truck they usually use.

I liked this idea- however it looks like an oil spill, so probably not the best option. I want to go back in with the pen tool and add some rocks and try and make into red Scoria rock.

Here are some mocks of the choices they liked. The next step is to make different mocks of t-shirts, hats and how they will read. I also want to incorporate a red outline of the type arrangement and truck to pull the two together.

monogram/type arrangements

So I am making a new logo/ monogram for a soft water disposal company in North Dakota. The objective is to make a new updated logo, while also referencing the original one. Please give me any feedback on any tips, or problems you may see. I hope you enjoy!
The original logo:

New Typefaces:

After pitching some of the different typefaces. We decided that Bradley Hand Bold would be the best option. Although it might not be the most attractive typeface out there, it is appropriate to the subject matter. Having the rough edges and more "hand writing" notion is what made us agree it would be the best option.

Type Arrangements: