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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Design Intervention Final reflection

Process of the revised woman

First example of the woman diagram.

Through this experience I learned a lot. Working collaboratively is something that we are always doing in design. By working with Ian, I learned how to try and narrow down ideas, so what we both had an equal input into the final artifact. I also learned how to take what we learned in that first night and apply all those emotions into our design. I think that is one of the most interesting parts of design, is how to take our emotions and effectively put them into design. Like making an artifact that is centralized and easy so people do not get confused. It was interesting to take this into consideration when framing our prototype. To think about the communication model and how we want the user to decode our message, to feel like was easy.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

NA Project 8 Reflection

In this project I learned a lot. One of the most interesting points was to take a printed piece and make it into an interactive piece to give information to other people. One of the first steps I had to look at is what information I wanted the viewer to know. Since we have done readings and explored practicing the model it was important for me to figure how I would display the information and word it so it was clear. The next step was to figure out action script. This was the hardest part because coding is very specific. It actually helped me to see how organized the scripting was. After many hours I finally got it to work so that once you clicked on the button the information would show with the button next to it, and once the user would click for a second time it would go away. I wanted all of the buttons to work the same so that the user would be able to know where the information would be. Through this process I learned how to work with action script, putting music in, and how noticing specific little details were important.