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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Notes on Goudy and Univers

Here are some of the rough notes I have made

Notes on producing panorama

This video helped me to see that through lots of imagery, the technical aspect does not have to be so complex. The audience is able to take in the images while the "frame" stays in one position and sometimes slightly moves.


After with talking to Tyler, and agreeing that there is too much complex motions happening, the new approach is this...

will be to have one image come into the screen for X amount of frames. Timing and scale of the images will all be linear. The audience will have a sense that they are rotating around the room.
the details of the Montessori toys will still be included, and will come out of the linear frame and perhaps have a different time limit to the images of the class room.
the final goal will be to show how I can combined still images in a interesting, yet clear way.

Type Goudy meets Univers

So far this is the progress I have made

Monday, September 27, 2010


Johnson and Johnson; parents are what the audience is geared towards. Perhaps even under stress these parents might be feeling, by choosing this calming wash for their child, their child will sleep better.

Flaxseed Oil; Flaxseed is kind of a new vitamin that has lots of beneficial components to it. Someone who would be interested in this would be someone who is careful of their body. Perhaps someone who is trying to take better care of their body, someone that might have heart issues.

S. Pellegrino; the audience has an sophisticated lifestyle, maybe? Someone buying this would be someone who believes that this glass sparkling water is more elegant than just regular bottle water.

Find and Share

Even though we post find and shares on the blog I wanted to post this on my blog to discuss why I enjoy this movie trailer

This trailer I think helps to depict the movie very well. If you watch closely you can see in the beginning how they are shot in third person and then it is switched to first person. The idea of looking at what he sees and his imaginary would is what I think makes the story come to a different type of narrative. For example in the movie they have a silent moment that the man starts to cry, and the film starts to look like when a person cries. By switching from third to first person the viewer understands his point of view and then is reminded of their point of view. By doing this it adds a real emotion to the film.
Within the trailer,they also allow music to depict what mood they are trying to convey. Using explosions of the sky to over view different scenes within the movie, and also the fast pace rock at the beginning to depict what his life was like before he had his stroke.

This movie is really amazing. I have it in studio if anyone wants to borrow it too.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Three Products

For my Ethos I wanted to do S.Pellecrino because it shows on the label elegant typography, made in italy sine 1897, saying that you can trust that this is the best quality product

For my logos I decided on a vitamin bottle Flax Seed. in bold letters it has the ingredients and whats in the product.

Johnson and Johnson Baby Wash
I want to use this for my Pathos; the design of the product seems emotional by the color choices, typography, and little icon picture of a baby.

Reading Response modes of appeal

What are ethos, pathos, and logos? Why is it important that we use them in design?

The reading gave a deeper insight to what the modes of appeal are. Aristotle came up with these appeals to show the impact of persuading. He broke them into different categories ethos; using ethics or the trust of the user to persuade. Pathos; using emotion, and Logos; using logical or clarity to persuade the viewer.

As designers it is important to learn these modes of appeal because it helps to make a connection between the designer and the viewer. These modes of appeal are ways to reach out to the audience and convince them of the designers work. By researching the audience and what interests the audience might have will help the designer to use different visual symbols within their design.

Blending the two

Within the last two projects I have used the channels of audio and image. Now within the next part of the assignment it is time to use those materials and combined them. Ideas that I have is to go back through my audio and bring out different points that I did not include in the first audio, there were parts of the interview that I decided weren't as important as the audio that I choose. I think that the children describing their classroom setting and how they interact with the other children would be a good piece of audio to include. The other aspect is to include the images. I had problems with the imagery, and making the images visually appealing. One major part of the next exercises would be to go back through my notes and correct the images from the last crit. A major problem I had was using time. With the next step in the project I believe that the audio will help me with time, and I also want to go back through the images and improve the sequences of photos.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Friday, September 17, 2010

Book Finalized

Here is my finalized book. The approach I wanted to use was to use the spread's as composition. Using the text to follow from the left page onto the right. I also want to visually emphasis natural pauses that the reader might interpret the text. I visually wanted my method to convey a sense of elegance on a personal level. By doing this I decided to use Garamond through out the whole book to make it seem almost "hand-written" quality that a serif typeface can sometimes hint at. I also looked into how the negative and positive space is directly related to the hierarchy of the spreads. I made the title out to be a horizon line, and from that built a grid based on the horizon line. Within the grid the point was to surround some lines of text of white space while pairing up others that might have similar words, or phrases.

Through this project I learned about how to convey language into a visual form. How one interprets language can be portrayed into typography, based on the arrangement, typeface, leading, contrast, negative space, etc. I also learned how to make a perfect bind, which was a difficult task for me but in the end I was pleased with the results.

Arturo Sandoval Final Round

Arturo Sandoval Round

Here are some of my iterations for the Folly Thearer

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

NA Project 3; Detailed Narative

what did I learn by the project objectives? (apply the communicative channel, apply knowledge of narrative across linear and non linear forms, change structure of the story, tone of voice )
-One of the most challenging parts of this assignment was decided what one communication channel I should use. Within my last few assignments I have discussed the history, methods, and ways in which the Montessori is functional to a child. For this assignment I wanted to take a look into the child's point of view to see what their opinion is of the Montessori school is. I thought for the communication channel audio would be the best. It is the child's tone that also had a reflection onto how the school operates. One of the pros of going to a Montessori school is that they build up a child's self a steam, so they are not afraid of learning. Within my interview I found that the two children's vocabulary was broad and they seemed comfortable talking about their school. This is an interesting way to analysis the communication channel of audio, because beyond what is said, depending on the tone of the audio, or in this case the vocabulary can imply further positive aspects to the narrative.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Information Poster

This was the final poster about Montessori. Within my poster I wanted to include the top 5 most important facts that would give the viewer a better understanding of what Montessori school is exactly. Choosing a color pallet of bright colors and a chalkboard like color in the background seemed appropriate. The head with the idea bubbles is suppose to represent the steps the child goes through in watering a plant, and also the hand eye coronation that is emphasized at the Montessori School.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

First Spreads

Poem spreads round uno

where is the?

Cubism, Dadda, Futurism

-points to try and achieve, making the word look like a sound. No beginning, no end, express the poems, overlap words, illustrate with text