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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Something Silly

The other day I was scrolling through a friends Facebook pictures and they were wearing a t-shirt that had "A a"....and in univers typeface, I contemplated if it was Futura or Univers but I looked closely @ the anatomy I knew it was Univers, I yelped in excitement,. I just thought I would share my silly story

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Fun with lines!

These are some of the more successful combination lines. We are trying to execute balance, progression, and randomness through the lines. Once I got the hang of overlapping the lines without making a "checker"board looking composition it became more interesting with every design I worked on. The next step I am especially looking forward to doing....stay tuned.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Part of Orthographic's book

Here are some of my final orthographic's. In the end it was really nice putting them all together in an orderly fashion. Some of the process I had a trouble with was looking at the fine details and some getting used to illustrator. However, the problems I had with making the orthographic's ended up being the part that I liked with the project because resolving the problem made me learn it more, and remember it

This week in Vis Com.

Moving out of dots and into lines, the same principles of design are applied. Principles I tried to keep @ the back of my mind were repetition, (a) symmetry, and proximity. While using the pen tool I started to think about the relationship between each line. Things like line weight, spacing between lines was very important to showing balance, random, progression. This process was much more interesting to me than to do the dots. I liked how the relationship between every line can develop from a 2-d surface into a 3-d look.

animation words

quack/ quail/ question/ quest/ quilt/ quick/ quaint/quaintness/qualification/ quality/quarterback/ quarts/ quash/ queasy/ queen/ quorky/ quesadillas/ quicksilver/ quiet/ quilt/ quiz/ quote/ quadrille/ quake/ quarantine/ quarry/ quest/ quicksand/ quiver/ qualify/ quantum/ quills/ please add more if you can think of any!

quail question quilting quietly!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Final Statement

The past three weeks I have been working on a book called Re/Wasted. The books concept is to be about the little simple ways that we waste. Combining both Visual Communication and Typography it was to find ways to show ways that society waste. I wanted to make my concept clear to the viewer to be able to see the word I was describing. Words that I used were excess(referring to over production of food), drain (describing water), tear( referring to paper), contaminate (going towards pollution, and industry), spill (oil spills/ transportation), melt (referring to plastic), squander ( energy), shatter (glass), and conserve( resources). I think the concept to my book is strong in the individual pages, but a little hard to read the concept as a whole. If I was to do things all over again I would try and make my concept be more clear.
Overall during this project I learned a lot about craft, composing ideas, and executing both. This was one of the first projects I have ever done that I took my time to try and build up my craft skills. In the end other than my blades getting dull and the page measurements of the right angles being slightly off I was very impressed with the new approach to doing this project. I was very happy with the correlation between typography and the visual communication. The composition's were simple but strong even on their own, and once the imagery was with it helped to only strengthen the composition. Once the typography was laid on it was the extra input that the book as a whole needed to be understood as the narrative. Showing the little ways that people waste (except for conserve, which was at the end to show that we as a soc=iety should conserve ) I though told a nice simple story, I would of like to of thought of a better link between each page. However, in the end I was pleased with how the book turned out

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Find and Share Orthographics

I stumbled upon this and thought I would share it, it explains how to make orthographic drawings and making it into a glass box. I just thought it fit into what we are learning about.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Color and Drawing 2nd Post

In color and drawing this week I had an easier time keeping up with the work load. I felt like once I did the orthographic drawings on the computer it really helped me out in the craft area (obviously). Now that we have practiced more on how exactly the orthographic'c should be arranged on a layout it is interesting to see how we will use this in the field of Graphic Design. The pen tool initial's assignment was really difficult at first, but once I got the hang of the converter, I got to say it was a little fun. The one of the problems I am still having is how to exactly center everything and make it parallel. However, it was super exciting to me when we got the color swatch assignment this week, I am looking forward to start color. All in all it was a good week.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

This week in Color/ Drawing

The past week in Drawing/ Color we have been introduced to orthographic drawings. Getting used to using the architect scale was probably the most challenging. Though, after completling the worksheet it started to click on how it is used. Using the new scale system also came in into play when we started to use it towards the file cabinet drawings. Overall, I think the more practice I got doing the orthographic drawings the better my overall composition and craft became. I plan to continue with perfecting (which is very needed) the directions, and craft.

My New Book

Ways we Waste
5.) Squander

Please leave me comments!!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

New Words

For my next project I would like to do a 9-step program to becoming greener. 
1.) waste 
2.) label 
3.) dump
4.) expand 
5.) process
6.) growth
7.) embedded 
9.) timber 
10.) rubber 
11.) mass 
12.) produce 
13.) organic 
14.) static 
15.) pressure 
16.) damp
17.) solid
18.) clutter 
19.) lavish
20.) yield 

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I choose this image by Anton Shineft. I thought this image was very striking because it does use some of the principles we have learned in class. I believe this piece to use framing by the way the bubbles take the eye up the middle of the frame, and back down. This piece is also a good representation of positive and negative space. It uses the space very carefully to decide what is the positive space is,  by centering the sea creatures and bubbles. It also helps to balance the composition by the calm existence of the background. One of the major principles used would be layering. By layering all of the bubbles, type, and sea creatures it helps to build up a rich and intense structured piece. By the colors used and small details everywhere it is the layers that make this piece appealing to the eye. Overall this piece is interesting to me, because of all the principles that I can depict from it.